Sunday, February 24, 2008

Quinoa Inari Sushi!

I first met Inari when I was about twenty-twoish. Sushi was one of those things that I never tried to eat since I was under the impression that it was all seafood based. But then I worked at a coffee shop with a vegan guy who was all about this take out place in Public Square called Sushi 86. (They don't seem to have a website. If they did, I'd link it.)

Anyway, I fell in love with Inari at first sight. It was this beautiful yummy, greasy, sweet tofu wrap around some sweet vinegary rice. After that I became a regular at Sushi 86.

It was mystical. In the sense that I didn't understand how you could make tofu do that. I tried to slice it thin and marinate it and sautee it, but that meant nothing. There was no way to make inari at home.

Then, one day, at Tink Holl in downtown Cleveland, I noticed cans of inari wraps. I thought it wasw strange that they were in a can. But whatever. I bought a can and found out how to use 'em.

So now I think that Inari wraps are not only limited to sticky white rice. You can fill it up with all kinds of stuff!

For instance, here's my recipe for Quinoa Inari Sushi:

1 cup quinoua
2 cups water

cook it all

2 big carrots
1/2 cucumber
1 tbls braggs
pinch o'ginger powder
1 can of inarizushi

Shred said carrots and cucumber. Mix into quinoa with braggs and ginger. Then stuff into pockets of inarisuzushi.

Makes about 15.


So Buttons said...

Did you take that picture? How did you make it look so nice? Is quinoa related to wheat? What's that Hapsburg thing? Isn't that one of the Lottery League bands? Why do my legs hurt?

So Buttons said...

Note to chef:
Only 2 of the 9 links on your blogroll work. Tsk, tsk. I like Vegan Dad, though. I bet he gives good hugs.

calorie queen said...

What are you talking about? All those links work fine. The Hapsburg thing is a bottle of absinthe. Maybe your legs hurt because you're not using your thighmaster correctly. Read the instructions again.

calorie queen said...

Oh, nevermind. I guess those links don't work. Don't I look stupid!