Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Four Years Later and I'm still Lazy as Hell...

So I was going to start a new blog. I completely forgot about this old one I used to write when I was younger. But the fancy (scary) technology that exists in the future doesn't let anyone forget the past, much less me. Eh. It's okay. I guess I haven't changed my email in six or seven years, so it's all good. Blogger remembers me. I'm too lazy to come up with a new gmail account in order to start another blog from scratch.

That said, I am changing the point of this blog. The new point is that I want to become a stronger writer. And I want my past blunders to be public record. (Although, I still think my old hangover cure is ingenious and way obvious...)

Okay, the new point of this blog is that I'm a writer in training. I just got hip to this annual writing contest involving improv flash fiction. I'm not ready to enter this year, but I want to enter next year. So I need to train.

Once again, that said, I need weekly prompts. Keep me on my toes, folks. Think of it like one of those sandwich places where you pick a bread, a meat, a cheese, and condiments. Except it's like a Genre (Romance, Horror, Detective, Drama, Comedy, etc.), then choose a place where you want the short story to be set, and then choose two objects that need to be involved in the story.

Think of it like a build your own story menu.

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