Monday, January 26, 2009

Lost is back!


Lost has started! I a nay sayer here...? I wasn't all that impressed by it's two hour debut. When I worked at the bank, I used to spend all day perusing lost theories online. Now that I'm not chained to the internet all day, I just don't seem to have the same passion for the show.

Now, I always figured there was a time travel component to the show--ever since Desmond went all Dr. Manhattan in season three. And I love Jeremy Davies to death (I've had a crush on him since Saving Private Ryan) ... and I would cuddle him to the point of suffocation if I could. But this isn't working for me now.

Things I liked:

--introducing Frogurt
--Frogurt getting killed
--Shirtless Sawyer
--Seeing Francois Chau actually acting (geekery alert: Francois Chau and Jeremy Davies were in a movie together a couple years ago.)
--Miles bringing back a dead boar
--Seeing dreamy eyed Richard Alpert pop in and out
--Locke knifing that Dharma guy

Notice a pattern? The only shit I liked about the episode was the island stuff. I hate the off island drama. The Oceanic Six are my LEAST favorite characters and I kind of wish they would have just died when the freighter blew. Ben was a cool character on the island, but now I think he's just a flunky. And I didn't really dig the whole Desmond "remembering" a dream thing...

But I have faith in the show. I'm definitely not giving up on it. I just wish the damn Oceanic Six would get back to the island already.

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